Our Approach

How we facilitate a seamless transition

Understanding your business

Every business is unique. At Flicket, we take our time getting to know our partners to truly understand their event needs. Because we appreciate that change can be intimidating, we aim to make it a low-risk process, ensuring seamless integration into your existing systems. We’ll always go above and beyond to help you reach your goals — we’re not just saying that either, we’ve got a track record of successful implementations to prove it.

Steps to achieving
better outcomes



Every partnership begins with an evaluation to assess the existing ticketing processes and identify ways Flicket can improve them. From policies and procedures to stakeholder requirements to risk assessment, no stone is left unturned. Collaboration is key at this stage as we work closely with our partners to develop an integration plan.



Moving on from the initial evaluation, we then conduct a detailed analysis of ticketing data and performance metrics. Our platform enables our partners to make data-driven decisions and this stage allows us to do the same. We interpret this information and use it to uncover opportunities to increase revenue and improve fan experiences.



Seamless integration is a pillar of our approach to ensure our partners feel comfortable during the transition. So, once we’ve created a customised ticketing solution — platform configuration, white-label branding, and personalised messaging — addressing the needs identified in the evaluation and analysis stages, we work with our partners to put the plan in motion.



Flicket’s support doesn’t stop once you’ve gone live. We continuously monitor and review performance. Metrics like responsiveness and key timings help us recommend and execute appropriate adjustments so our partners’ ticketing processes are fully optimised and up-to-date for ongoing success.

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