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The people in (crowd) control

Founded with a vision to provide world-class service for independent rights holders, promoters, and venues, we have been empowering businesses and crowds thanks to our software — and hard work(ers).

With over 50 years of family history managing countless events in Australasia, CEO and co-founder Ben Calvert combined his wealth of pedigree and expertise with CTO and co-founder Jimmy Barwell-Smith to develop a platform that would revolutionise the industry. Flicket quickly gained industry attention and has continuously been empowering customers and consumers from all over the world thanks to this simple promise:

As an event organiser, you and your crowd should both be in control.

Brand Principles


We’re in the business of sell out crowds.


Our partners make the experience.


Be the first in line, then lead (by example).


No crowd is “too big”.


If your world is a stage, we should be facilitating your tickets.


Control the controllables. Your crowd, your mindset.


We’re only independent from big ticketing. Inside these walls, we depend on each other.


Adapt quickly, learn continually.


The ticket gets you through the gate. The experience needs to leave with you.


If you want to stand out from the crowd, first you need to build one.

Our team of crowd controllers

We chose to work with Flicket because their people are as good as their product…”

Mitch Lowe
Director, Audiology

I chose to use Flicket because the support I get from the Flicket team is outstanding…"

Stuart Dwight
Director, Smart Moves Group