Flicket 2023 review

Flicket 2023 review


The Earth Spins approximately 365 Days in a year 🌍

In 2023, we shook the established and set a new standard of service and technology for the industry thanks to the support of our clients and our team. This video is a snapshot, reviewing 2023, including some of our results and key technology enhancements.

2024 is the year Flicket will spin the world faster than it’s currently spinning 💫

What does this mean;
- Elevated account management
- Significant technology enhancements
- industry leading response times

What results can you expect;
🎟 increased conversions  
🎟 more actionable data and reporting  
🎟 less administration  
🎟 more ticket sales  
🎟 genuine results

As an independent ticketing company, our job is to put our partners first, provide them with world class tools and 5 ⭐ service.

It is our belief that by helping our clients profit first, we will grow together 💸

Bring on 2024 - big news coming soon 🎯

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