Unlocking success for Rugby New York

Unlocking success for Rugby New York


Before embracing Flicket, Rugby New York faced numerous challenges in their ticketing operations. Their previous ticketing solution lacked the white-labeling capabilities, and customer data was held by the ticketing company, limiting their control. Flexibility was restricted, and customer service was subpar. However, since partnering with Flicket, Rugby New York has witnessed a transformative journey that has elevated their ticketing experience.

Flickets solutions included:

White Label Empowerment
Flicket ushered in the era of white-label ticketing for Rugby New York. This crucial change meant that the ticketing system now seamlessly reflected the team's brand identity. No longer was their ticketing platform a faceless entity, but an integral part of their brand and image.

Centralized Hub for Customer Data
Flicket revolutionized how Rugby New York managed their customer data. The platform provided a centralized hub where all customer information was stored. This empowered the team to have a 360-degree view of their audience, enhancing their understanding and engagement with fans. The ability to segment data effortlessly opened new avenues for targeted marketing and personalized interactions.

Enhanced Conversions
Flicket didn't just improve the backend; it also streamlined the front-end experience. The simplified and user-friendly buying process led to increased conversions. Customers found it easier to purchase tickets, resulting in higher sales and broader fan engagement.

Full Reporting Stack
Flicket's reporting capabilities brought unprecedented transparency and insights to Rugby New York. The team now had access to comprehensive data analytics, empowering them to make data-driven decisions. This feature was instrumental in fine-tuning marketing strategies and optimizing ticket pricing.

Exceptional Customer Support
Flicket wasn't just a ticketing solution; it was a partner that provided exemplary customer support. The challenges of the past, characterized by limited customer service, were overcome with Flicket's dedicated support team. Prompt assistance and guidance ensured that any hiccups were swiftly addressed, fostering a strong partnership.

The Bottomline
In summary, Flicket has revolutionized ticketing for Rugby New York. This transformation has not only resulted in increased ticket sales but has also created a smoother experience for both the internal team and their customers. With white-labeling, centralized customer data, improved conversions, a robust reporting stack, and outstanding customer support, Flicket has positioned Rugby New York for success.

For more information, please contact ben@flicket.io

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